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Etiqa Takaful Pristin

Take an initiative towards savings which will give you a chance to plan and enjoy your life.

In case if you are worried about investing your money and wondering what will happen as you won’t be able to see it for some time, then there’s no need to worry, as once you begin saving with Pristin, it will give you the returns within a short span of time.

Your money will grow with Pristin

Pristin is basically a Takaful plan which will give you regular yearly returns for the coming 20 years. You just have to make a cash payment ranging from 5% to 10% of the Basic Annual Contribution, and stay assured as your money contribution is easy on your part.

Pristin will give you a chance to enjoy life to its fullest and be assured as you will get protection and even receive annual cash payment which will add to your standard of living.

Who is eligible

Person Covered: Anyone between the age of 14 days to 60 years old.

Participant: Anyone between the age of 18 to 60 years old.


The amount contributed is affordable and you can take part in Pristin and benefit from the plan. You could in fact make the contribution on a yearly, half yearly, quarterly and monthly basis.

Basis of Contract

Tabarru concept has been applied to this plan wherein the participant consents to the contribution or donation of a certain portion of the contribution made to the PRF (Tabarru’ Fund) for the sake of mutual assistance and aid to the needs of the participants.

This plan also considers the concept of Wakalah wherein the participant proposes the Takaful operator to take action on their behalf for the purpose of managing and investigating both PIF and PRF. The fee for Wakalah is taken from the contribution. The remaining money will be placed in PIF and PRF.