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Accumulate Savings While You Protect Your Family

In this world full of uncertainties, the most important thing to you is your family. One ill-fated incident and all your hard work can go down the drain and bring financial complications for the people you love the most. It has been proved that unfortunate incidents like accidents occur once in every

15 minutes.*; Around 189 workers** are injured daily while they are at work and 19 people*** are admitted to the hospital daily for accidental emergencies.

Life is very uncertain. So do your bit to make the future for your family secure, so that one unfortunate incident does not complicate your family finances.

Securing the Financial Future Your Family

Prisma assures you to cover financial risks for your family on the occurrence of uncertain events with the monthly payment starting from only RM50.00.

When an unfortunate incident takes place, we dig into our cash savings to provide for the finances. You have to make contingency plan for unfortunate events as well as the future to secure your loved ones.


For detailed plan features, please download the brochure below.

Etiqa Takaful Prisma+ Brochure