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Provide a Brighter Future for Your Chidren

All parents want their children to succeed and have a secure future, and for that education is quite crucial. In fact most of the parents save money for their child’s higher education. However what if this does not turn out to be sufficient?

In this decade, education has become very unaffordable, especially for middle class families. You might be shocked to hear that a 4-year university course can cost around RM72, 000.00 in Malaysia*, RM400,000.00 in UK or RM 250,000.00 in Australia ***. Any disruption in your finances, and your dreams for your child’s higher education could shatter.

Securing Higher Education of Your Child

Intelek will help you craft a fund for your child’s education which requires a monthly payment of just RM70.00. Further, they also give rewards for your child’s achievements and successes in the course of their education.

There is an option for withdrawal of almost 80 percent of the deposited amount in case of an emergency. Even in your absence, for any unfortunate reason, your child’s education will be covered from our side. You can sit back in peace and heave a sigh of relief because even during unfortunate times, your child’s education, future and success is taken care of.


For detailed plan features, please download the brochure below.

Etiqa Takaful Intelek Brochure