Etiqa Takaful Online Agency

Be an Etiqa Agent

It is always an interesting and a rewarding experience being an Etiqa agent, not to mention the fact that it’s also very challenging. Etiqa agents are paid according to their performance and this is measured by the amount of feedback given by the participants. Of course, we also provide a lot of incentives and quirks for our agents in order to boost their productivity and performance. You are looking at a promising, entrepreneurial and rewarding career for you here at Etiqa Takaful, and we look forward to anyone and everyone who fits the minimum requirements to have a firsthand experience of our environment and work ethics.

Talking of incentives, you as an Etiqa agent is promised a monthly bonus of 35% for every successful customer turn in. And that’s not all, you get this 35 PERCENT MONTHLY FOR THE FIRST YEAR, 25 percent for the second year, 15 percent for the third and fourth year, and for the 5th and 6th year you have a 10 percent. This squarely means that you are looking at a 5 digit salary by the end of the first year itself if you manage to bring home 24 clients on a monthly basis. All this translates into your life getting more luxurious than it ever was and you will be able to achieve things you had never dreamt of achieving. And of course, this is a risk free venture!

At Etiqa we firmly believe that a person can do anything if he has the desire and the will to execute it. For that matter, if you are not sure about your persuasive powers or you think that you may not be able to convince and attract people, then we will be there to help you. We will make sure that above everything else; you are assured of your 5 digit salary on a monthly basis. All you need is will and determination, and a desire for hard work. Think about it. With us you will be a millionaire soon and that too in a very short time. There are many millionaires out there who are so because of the same work that they do. You join our organization, you will be doing the same, and enjoying life as it was meant to be enjoyed