Etiqa Takaful Online Agency

Etiqa Brand Name

Being Etiqa

Presently we have revamped our logo and visual aspect to appeal to a broader audience. This means that our new logo is revamped, much more youthful and is unique in every respect. We have our share of tribute for people who make our organization in our tagline “humanizing insurance”. Of course, we have not been left behind on the visual aspect either. The choice of the upper & lower case characters on the logo gives it a youthful appearance and the name itself is unique that it can be easily conspicuous in the market. The new design philosophy is also a thank you to our stakeholders, the agents who make it all happen.

Its implications for you Having said the above lines, we at Etiqa also believe that a change in logo should not be limited to just the changes in the visual end itself, or using a different color theme. We believe that the new logo symbolizes change within the organization. This change reflects our willingness to adapt with the times and with that, a promise that we’ll be always there for you, always there to assist you and make sure that your life in this company is a butter smooth process. We want to make sure that with the changes, our policies for the old guys remain unchanged, so that they may continue to enjoy the incentives as they used to.