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MaybankAgeas (previously called MaybanAgeas) in 2005 with Maybank’s insurance and takaful arm that had Mayban General Assurance, Mayban Life Assurance and Mayban Takaful had a merger with Malaysia National Insurance Berhad, which is the largest national insurer of Malaysia and its subsidiary, Takaful NasionalSdnBhd, which is a premium Takaful provider. This merger ensured that MaybankAgeas rose to be the second largest insurer in Malaysia. The end of 2007 saw the merger effort with Malaysia National Insurance and Takaful Nasional which ultimately resulted in the rebranding of the entire organization to form Etiqa. Etiqa became the single and most successful provider of Takaful services for the company MaybankAgeas. There are two anchor subsidiaries in Conventional and Takaful for the five working entities in the group: Malaysia National Insurance Berhad, which has been renamed as Etiqa Insurance Berhad, and Takaful NasionalSdnBhd, has become Etiqa Takaful Berhad.

In the financial year 2010/2011, The Etiqa written Gross premium amounted to RM 4.3 billion (USD 1.33 billion) while the contribution of Takaful amounted to RM 2 billion (USD 619 million), which made it the second largest overall insurer in Malaysia and the number one Takaful player in the country, with the tax before profits of RM 505 million (USD 156 million).Today there are multichannel insurance and Takaful products being churned out by Etiqa by its 23,000 agency force, 30 Insurance and Takaful branches, and an excess of 450 Maybank branches, ATMs & other third-party banks, that provide full flexibility to the customers, a service that is truly unmatched.

A mentioned in the tagline, we at Etiqa believe in humanizing insurance, which means that we make it customer friendly. While other companies list the finer points in small type which can easily be missed, we take hands on approach to such issues and ensure that the customer is made aware of all the finer points before he agrees to be a client. It is our job to ensure that the customer benefits from our service. Etiqa has been at the forefront of many international awards from places around the world. It was awarded with the title of “Best Takaful marketing” in 2008, and the trend continued in London with the ‘Most Outstanding Takaful Company’ award at the Kuala Lumpur Islamic Finance Forum in 2008, 2009, 2010 and repeated in 2011, the ‘Best Brand in Services – Insurance and Takaful’ award which happened at the Brand Laureate Award Night 2009 in Kuala Lumpur as well as the ‘Best Bancatakaful’ award that took place in the International Takaful Award 2009 in London.